Smash Japanese aggression! – British World War Two poster

Smash Japanese aggression! – British World War Two poster

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British poster from the Second World War (ca. 1943) showing, in its own words, an "Indian Lieutenant of the Baluch Regiment [leading] a Spirited Bayonet Charge" against a Japanese position. The poster was published as part of the British government's 'Smash Japanese Aggression' series that focused on the fight against Japan in Asia, especially in Burma which the Japanese Imperial Army had occupied in 1942.

The posters were published in London and mostly distributed in Britain, intending to illustrate the global scale of the conflict (the British Ministry of Information had sizeable teams devoted to producing propaganda for each region of the empire). During the occupation, Japan came into possession of several airfields from which it launched raids into British territory, especially the strategic port of Ramgoon. The 10th Baluch Regiment was one of the regiments of the British Indian Army that fought to free Burma from Japan

This is a reproduction printed professionally on high-quality matte paper.

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